Smart Device Repair

Repairing or Refurbishing this business offers an excellent income stream with huge potential earnings.
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For the most part everyone you know has a smartphone these days, and everyone you know has also most likely broken said smartphone at some point. Ever considered smart device repair as a business? With our package you get the tools and knowledge to help you do just that! also included is advice on spotting, buying and reselling devices as refurbished.

Included in this package

-Website (ecommerce)
-Social Media Accounts
-x20 Bespoke Digital advert images
-A how to guide for repairing all smart devices
-Supplier list
-How to find and buy refurbished devices
-Invoice documents and Device checklists

This business can be ran from home or in retail unit, the minimum you need is a desk!

Interested? Request a Prospectus

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